January → Early-mid February

Foundational DAO community features are added. We trial and experiment.

Basic copy and blog posts are created for SEO and onboarding.

Invitation by peer-peer networking.

Early-mid February → March

Begin recurring weekly community calls.

Begin recurring monthly Coordinape epochs.

Begin social media push to onboard first wave of members.

Begin community discussion on $MED token allocation.

March → April

Second, larger social media push to bring on another wave of members.

At least five other trusted community members are added as custodians of the Gnosis multi-sig treasury.

First push to bootstrap community treasury.

Public token sale?

A Snapshot vote on governance structure.

A Snapshot vote on $MED token allocation.

Example: https://docs.humandao.org/token-allocation

A Snapshot vote on which projects get funded first.

April → May

Community members begin to take on DAO responsibilities.

(Michael begins clinical rotations and will be much busier!)

In particular:

May → June

Fixing community pain points

Where do people drop onboarding?

How can we optimize our productive output?

How do we retain members?

How can we make sure membership is an enjoyable experience?

June and beyond


Gantt Summer 2022 Timeline .png

Potential future features

Discourse Forum

For mid-level community governance discussions once DAO expands https://www.discourse.org/pricing

Community Merch

Proceeds go to treasury.

Example: lapel pin for white coat as a conversation starter?

POAP Integration

Earn a POAP for attending community calls and events.

Gitbook Documentation


DAO Org Map


OpenZepplin Sentinel

Use a Sentinel when you need to know about or respond to transactions and Forta Alerts involving your smart contracts, other smart contracts you need to monitor or Forta Agents. Your Sentinel will watch every transaction and Forta Alert and send the ones you care about to your notification methods of choice.

Monitor your sensitive functions like transferOwnership, pause, or upgrade

Alert on potentially dangerous transactions on your contracts

Respond by executing logic when key events happen

Integrate with your existing tools through slack, telegram, discord, email or custom Autotask integration

Know when an unexpected volume of transactions or alerts occur