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A Smarter Way to do Health Insurance


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A product contract acts as a client and utilizes generic methods which are important parts of every policy lifecycle. From this point of view, a product’s business logic could be defined in a single smart contract and all the hard work is delegated to the GIF.


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The details of their policy get linked to their profile within the blockchain. When a patient undergoes a medical procedure which is covered by their policy then the smart contract will automatically be triggered and the correct payment from the insurance company to the hospital will be automatically made. This will have a really positive impact on the fair execution of the person’s insurance policy. It will reduce inefficiencies and stresses that come with having to complete insurance claims forms.

As laid out in our last blog post, we received approval by the German Financial Authority to offer our protection products with our new legal model. These contracts are not formally insurance contracts, because we do not give a legal guarantee of payouts in case of a loss. Instead, the payouts are governed by algorithmically controlled smart contracts.

Therefore, we replace the legal guarantee by technical guarantees.