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Proposal Template

Please use the following template to create a Draft Proposal


Write a clear title without a number. Moderators will add a number once a draft proposal moves to an active proposal to commence on-chain voting

Authors & Disclosure

Your name and any other contributors if applicable. Please use this space to disclose any information surrounding your background which would cause a directional bias for your vote. E.g you have a vested interest for the vote to lean one way or the other.


A brief explanation of your proposal preferably non technical for anyone to understand


Thorough coverage going in depth into your proposal explaining what it is that you wish to propose and what will be changed if/when your proposal passes on-chain voting.


Answer the question: why do you want this proposal to be implemented? In here you can add links and references if necessary.


What is the required budget to implement this proposal? If not sure, try and add an estimation. If no budget is required please add n/a


Provide a clear understanding why your proposal is a good idea considering both the pros and cons of your idea. This can be done by either answering questions, or in paragraph form.


Link to any relevant Discord polls.