RSVP to an Event on Discord

  1. Head to the #📅calendar channel in Discord
  2. Find the event you would like to attend and react with ✅

  1. Seshbot will message you. React to the message with ⏰.

  2. React to the reminder you would like to receive.

Create an Event

  1. Head to the #🤖bot-commands channel and type in !create . When seshbot replies, click the link provided.

  2. You will be greeted with a page to create your event.

  3. Fill in the appropriate information. Most importantly, be sure to include:

  4. Create the Event

  5. If Created Manually


Add Event to Google Calendar

Subscribe to MedaverseDAO Meetings Calendar

  1. Follow the instructions under Use a Link to Add a Public Calendar. Use this URL: coming soon
  2. Add calendar and set your preferred settings