What is Craig?

*Craig is a bot that records audio in voice channels and makes them available for download afterwards.*

<aside> 💡 There are two Craig bots: @craig and @giarc

Giarc is a second instance of Craig, meant to be a backup. It will record in the same channel, but you are supposed to be able to use Giarc independently of Craig.

To do so, use @Giarc as the command prefix instead of :craig:


How to Record

<aside> 💡 If Craig isn't working there, try going to the #🤖bot-commands channel [under Housekeeping] to use the command.


You can also explicitly specify a channel name. For instance, to record the “General” channel, type **@craig**join General

<aside> 💡 Don't start Craig until the event is about to start. If there is silence, Craig will stop recording after 5 minutes.


<aside> 💡 If everyone leaves the voice channel while Craig is still recording, he will stop recording. You don't need to use the leave command in that case.


Tips on using Giarc (the backup of Craig)