Create a form on Tally

Go to & sign up or login and create a new form.

The UI is very similar to Notion (use '/' to create a new block), except the components available are specialized to create a form. Feel free to explore the template library to design great forms.

                                             👆 this is how a form looks like

                                         👆 this is how a form looks like

Link Notion to Tally

Unless you are a Notion admin, you won't be able to connect Tally directly to Bankless Notion, so you'll have to connect it to your personal account, make the page public, then link it to Bankless.

1. Create a new public table page on your personal Notion

Choose a table Database type page

Make the page public ("Share to web"). Allow editing + comments is optional but recommended if you want other people in the DAO to be able to make changes.

2. Connect Notion to Tally

Go to the integrations tab in your Tally form and click Connect.

select the public page you created earlier