We assert that Healthcare Innovation and Decentralized Medicine is a public good.

GitCoin is the leading platform for funding public goods. GitCoin Grant Round 14 set all-time records for funding. Between June 8-23, 2022, 44,700 individuals distributed $1.7 million to public goods grants. Each contributor used their small fund donation to vote for how the larger pool of $1.5 million should be allocated.


While this sounds amazing, the number of grants and causes to choose between can be overwhelming. There is an admitted centralization to the current GitCoin model that is being decentralized with GitCoin 2.0. With the update, other organizations will be able to test different public goods funding mechanisms on top of a deeply liquid registry of grants.

The DeMed Grant Round with GitCoin 2.0 is important for being able to provide focus and specialization to the healthcare ecosystem. Donors to the matching pool can rest assured that their funds will be applied towards the most promising early stage healthcare grants.

DeMed Grant Rounds

Medaverse is a community of people who support positive, decentralized change to the medical care system. We build and support a vibrant ecosystem of early stage web3 healthcare entrepreneurs, providers, and organizations. The community projects that emerge will help accelerate the adoption of patient data self-custody, trustless execution environments for the Internet of Medical Things, and effective decentralized coordination mechanisms amongst the broader industry.

Our intention for this grant program is to provide supplemental funding to early stage healthcare projects. Successful projects should demonstrate that they are meeting an unmet need, serving an underfunded or underserved community, researching or amplifying research methods, facilitating cost-reduction, or streamlining clinician workflows and the patient experience.



Medaverse will apply for 501(c)3 status to provide tax-deductible benefits to future donors.